Rampage Report Card – 3Q

The Rampage rebounded nicely from their dismal second quarter with a solid showing in quarter number three. Buoyed by a franchise record 7-2-1 record on the rodeo road trip, the Rampage finished this grading period with an overall record of 10-5-2-2.

All skaters must have played in six games, goalies four. Grade scale is 1-10 with a “7” being average. D = Defense and O= Offense.


#3 Alex Petrovic  10GP  0-1-1  -1  31PIM

D: 8 O: 6 Overall: 7

Splitting time between San Antonio and Florida, Petrovic has been really quiet in the third quarter. His offensive role has been reduced with Gilroy and Whitney remaining on the roster. He remained steady defensively and has bailed out his partner on multiple occasions.

1Q- D: 9  O: 9  Overall: 9

2Q- D: 8  O: 6  Overall: 7

#5 Greg Zanon  6GP  0-1-1  -1  0PIM  

D: 8 O: 6 Overall: 7

Zanon returned from an achilles injury sustained in an off ice workout the second week of the season. He started out playing his usual solid defense with little to no offense. Struggled a bit in his last two games. Due to the veteran issue on the roster, finds himself rotating as a healthy scratch. 

1Q- No Grade (Injured) 

2Q- No Grade (Injured)

#6 Ryan Whitney  16GP  1-5-6  -2  10PIM

D: 7 O: 8 Overall: 7.5

Whitney is a dangerous PP weapon and can really help push the puck up the ice. That said, he’s a defensive liability and is prone to committing bad turnovers. As mentioned above, he’s been bailed out by Petrovic and Robak several times in the last month or so and with the muddy veteran situation, could find himself rotating in and out of the lineup as a healthy scratch.

1Q- D: 6  O: 9  Overall: 7.5

2Q- D: 5  O: 8  Overall: 6.5 

#7 John Lee  10GP  0-2-2  +7  2PIM

D: 9 O: 6 Overall: 7.5

Lee continued his surprising play before sustaining an injury early in the rodeo trip. His offense tailed off but he was consistently one of the best defenders on the team. His return would be very beneficial to the Rampage for the stretch run.

1Q- D: 7  O: 7  Overall: 7

2Q- D: 7  O: 6  Overall: 6.5 

#25 Colby Robak  19GP  3-3-6  +11  10PIM

D: 9 O: 8 Overall: 8.5

Robak officially turned the corner as a top pairing AHL defenseman over the last 19 games. He has simplified his game and stopped trying to be the offensive force the team needs. While his offensive numbers have slipped slightly, he’s still a big body with skating ability and good skill. His defense has done a complete 180, however. He’s playing physical and using his size well and is rarely out of position.

1Q- D: 7  O: 9  Overall: 8

2Q- D: 6  O: 7  Overall: 6.5 

#36 Jonathan Racine  16GP  0-1-1  +7  22PIM

D: 9 O: 6 Overall: 7.5

Racine is a big, physical presence on the blue line and plays angry. He has shown great progress as a rookie and has a bright future in this game. Racine will likely never be a player that puts up a lot of points, but he more than hold his own in his own zone. He’s physical and mean and is very good at clearing the areas in front of the net. He’s still young and is prone to mistakes, but he is learning and improving every game.

1Q- D: 8  O: 6  Overall: 7

2Q- No Grade (Injured) 

#97 Matt Gilroy  19GP  3-6-9  +2  0PIM

D: 8 O: 9 Overall: 8.5

– A good offensive weapon. As the QB of the #1 PP unit, Gilroy has done an admirable job. He’s a good passer and skater and has a tremendous shot. Gilroy has played decent defensively as well. He’ll never shut anyone down, but he does a good job keeping attackers wide and staying in front of people. The one thing that stands out to me, though, is his ability to stay out of the penalty box. In 30 games this season, Gilory has 0 PIM, which is saying something on this team.

1Q- No Grade (NHL)

2Q- D: 6  O: 8  Overall: 7


Not Graded:

Michael Caruso (Injured)

Doug Janik (Traded)

Josh McFadden (1 game)

Dylan Olsen (1 game)

Denny Urban (Traded)


#12 Jared Gomes  9GP  1-2-3  E  0PIM

O: 6 D: 8 Overall: 7

This has been a season filled with bad luck for Jared. He started off very slow, despite not playing badly, and when he finally started to pick it up, he got injured. He is still not skating and is out “long term” which is unfortunate, for both Gomes and the team, given the team’s lack of depth at the center position.

1Q- O: 5  D: 8  Overall: 6.5

2Q- O: 6  D: 8  Overall: 7

#14 Vincent Trocheck  18GP  4-11-15  +6  10PIM

O: 9 D: 8 Overall: 8.5

After a terrific 1Q and a not so terrific 2Q, Trocheck bounced back and put up a very good 3rd quarter. Concentrating more on his playmaking abilities and his defense, the Panthers rookie prospect played well enough to earn his first call up to the NHL. How long he stays is still in question, but if he plays well, he could earn a spot on the team next fall.

1Q- O: 9  D: 9  Overall: 9

2Q- O: 8  D: 5  Overall: 6.5

#16 Bobby Butler  18GP  5-6-11  +5  6PIM

O: 8 D: 9 Overall: 8.5

Butler has been a model of consistency this season as evidenced by his stats through the first three quarters. He’s found a friend in Drew Shore and has been one of the best offensive players on the team this season. After a rough start defensively, Butler has turned it up in the second half. 
1Q- O: 8  D: 7  Overall: 7.5 
2Q- O: 8  D: 6  Overall: 7

#18 JohnMcFarland  18GP  4-5-9  +7   2PIM

O: 8 D: 9 Overall: 8.5

McFarland has legit NHL skill. His one question mark is his hockey smarts. His performance over the last 19 games indicates that he’s getting closer. McFarland is looking at more time in the AHL and, if paired with the right line mates, could be a legit top line forward next season.

1Q- No Grade (ECHL)

2Q- O: 7  D: 6  Overall: 6.5 

#19  Garrett Wilson  19GP  2-3-5  -1  7PIM

O: 7 D: 8 Overall: 7.5

After a very good first half, Wilson regressed to the mean in the third quarter. Still has a great net front presence and is solid defensively. There are just too many games where he is invisible for long stretches of time.

1Q- O: 8  D: 9  Overall: 8.5

2Q- O: 8  D: 8  Overall: 8 

#22 Logan Shaw  17GP  1-6-7  -4  11PIM  

O: 8 D: 7 Overall: 7.5

Shaw has been relatively impressive considering he has played out of position for most of the season. A natural right wing, Shaw has filled in admirably as a bottom 6 center due to injuries. He could be in for a breakthrough season next year.

1Q- O: 4  D: 6  Overall: 5

2Q- No Grade (ECHL) 

#24 Quinton Howden  19GP  5-7-12  +4  10PIM

O: 8 D: 9 Overall: 8.5

Howden continued his impressive two way play through the third quarter. He’s really started to play with a little more control and capitalize on his chances. His speed makes it hard for opponents to match up with him and he can play a role on any line.

1Q- O: 7  D: 8  Overall: 7.5

2Q- O: 6  D: 8  Overall: 7 

#27 Greg Rallo  18GP  1-6-7   -1   4PIM

O: 6 D: 8 Overall: 7

Rallo has really struggled this season offensively. His defense has been solid and he always plays hard, setting a good example for the young players on the team. His shot accuracy and stick handling have drastically dropped, however.

1Q- O: 9  D: 8  Overall: 8.5

2Q- O: 6  D: 8  Overall: 7 

#32 Drew Shore  9GP  5-1-6  +3  4PIM

O: 9 D: 9 Overall: 9

Shore put up impressive numbers before heading back to Florida after the Olympic break, including a 4 game goal streak during the rodeo trip. His defense is still what makes him the best overall player on the team and he is solid in at faceoffs.

1Q- O: 7  D: 9  Overall: 8

2Q- O: 8  D: 9  Overall: 8.5 

#37 Joey Crabb  19GP  8-6-14  +8  18PIM

O:9 D: 9 Overall: 9

Joey Crabb caught fire during the road trip and, at times, carried the offense on his back. Crabb rounded out the quarter with the Rampage’s only hat trick of the season scoring all three goals in a 3-0 win over Utica. Crabb is another player that can play any role asked of him, whether it be top six power forward or bottom six grinder.

1Q- O:7  D: 7  Overall: 7

2Q- O:6  D: 7  Overall: 6.5

#38 Wade Megan  13GP  2-1-3  -3  6PIM

O:6 D: 7 Overall: 6.5

Megan seemed to hit the “rookie wall” after a solid first half of the season. His speed is still an asset when he’s playing. He did see some time as a healthy scratch during the road trip, but has rebounded with two solid games since returning to the lineup as a regular.

1Q- No Grade (ECHL)

2Q- O: 8  D: 8  Overall: 8 


#39 Ryan Martindale  18GP  3-7-10  +6   8PIM

O:8 D: 9 Overall: 8.5

Martindale, acquired for Steve Pinizzotto has been a very welcome addition to this team. Ryan plays a very solid two-way game and is good in the circle. I expected little offense from him, but he has been a steady contributor since arriving. Great asset to have in your bottom 6.

1Q – No Grade (OKC)

2Q- No Grade (OKC)

#41 Jed Ortmeyer  15GP  4-4-8  -2  16PIM

O: 7 D: 8 Overall: 7.5

Ortmeyer had consecutive two-goal games near the end of January which inflated his offensive numbers some. He’s still a nice piece to have on the roster as he plays extremely hard and can chip in offensively. Jed also isn’t afraid to protect his teammates when needed.

1Q- O: 7  D: 8  Overall: 7.5

2Q- O: 8  D: 7  Overall: 7.5


Not Graded:

Jon Matsumoto (Injured)

Anthony Luciani (2 games)

Tim Miller (3 games)

Derek Nesbitt (Traded)

Eric Selleck (Traded)


#29 Michael Houser  7GP  4-2-1-0  2.31  .923%

Overall: 9

Houser put up a huge 3rd Quarter serving as Jacob Markstrom’s backup, including a dominant performance over Texas in Cedar Park and another huge outing in Rochester during the road trip. Now, with Markstrom’s departure, we may get to see what Houser can do with regular minutes provided Scott Clemmensen doesn’t snatch them away.

1Q- 9

2Q- 4 

#30 Jacob Markstrom  12GP  5-1-1-2  2.40  .916% 2SO

Overall: 9

Markstrom was the MVP of this team during their franchise best 7-2-1 rodeo trip. Jacob put up solid performances nearly every night, especially towards the end of the trip. Unfortunately for Rampage fans, Markstrom was dealt to Vancouver in a trade deadline deal ending his career in silver and black.

1Q- 9

2Q- 7


Not Graded:

Rob Madore (2 games)

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