San Antonio Rampage 1st Quarter Report Card


(Darren Abate/AHL)

First, let me apologize for the lateness of this report card. The Rampage reached the end of the 1st Quarter after Nov 28th’s win over the Chicago Wolves posting a record of 10-3-6, including a franchise best 10 game points streak to open the season.

What follows is a rough report card of the Rampage roster as one guy sees them. You can find the grade for each player after after their individual write-ups. Feel free to leave comments here or on Twitter if you disagree with anything I’ve written.


#28 Andrew Agozzino 13GP 7g-9a-16pts

Agozzino began the season on fire before missing some time to injury and a quick call up to the NHL. He has slowed down as of late, but is still a dangerous player. Could be better defensively, but he’s not a complete liability. (A-)


#58 Patrick Bordeleau 14GP 0g-3a-3pts

Complete non-factor offensively and his skating hinders any opportunity to contribute as a grinder. Still a presence on the ice, though, and serves a purpose as a deterrent to opposing teams, which is important on a young team like this. (C-)


#11 Troy Bourke 18GP 2g-5a-7pts

Bourke is an extremely fun player to watch because of his non-stop motor. Good forechecker and can contribute when he’s not buried on a line with non-skill guys. He may be a guy that casual fans don’t think about much, but he’s a valuable asset. (B)


#39 Trevor Cheek 10GP 2g-4a-6pts

Cheek has filled in admirably in the Rampage’s bottom six. Can contribute with the skilled guys if needed, but his physical play and ability to eat minutes are his biggest plusses. (B)


#25 Marc Andre Cliche 15GP 4g-6a-10pts

Great veteran presence that can (and has) played all over the lineup. Gotten both power play and penalty kill minutes and has been a solid all-around player in the first quarter. (B+)


#42 Sam Henley  19GP  1g-2a-3pts

One of six Rampage players to play in every game of the first quarter. Henley is a huge forward that likes to hit and play physical. Not much of an offensive threat, but he’s not really expected to be one. Fine 4th line AHL player. (B-)


#38 Joey Hishon  19GP  4g-7a-11pts

Hishon has struggled to find regular linemates. He’s played anywhere from the top line to the 3rd line with regularity. Started slowly but picked it up late in the 1st quarter and that’s carried over to the 2nd. Good all around player that just needs to find consistency, both with his game and in the lineup. (B-)


#44 Daniel Maggio  9GP  0g-0a-0pts

I’ve been hard on Maggio all season and it’s for a good reason. Routinely the worst possession player on the roster when he plays. His one positive attribute is his fighting ability and he’s now out with a concussion sustained in a fight. Complete liability. (F)


Andreas Martinsen  9GP  1g-1a-2pts

Really struggled to find his identity on this roster before being called up to the Avalanche. Appears to be a bottom six role player that was forced into a top six playmaker role. Was relatively invisible on most nights. Doing well in his NHL role, however. (D+)


#48 Reid Petryk  18GP  2g-5a-7pts

Perfect complementary player for any AHL team. Plays tough minutes, kills penalties, and contributes as well. Another player that will never get the accolades he deserves, but every team needs one (or two) of his type. (B)


#96 Mikko Rantanen  12GP  4g-10a-14pts

Just a thrilling player to watch. Tremendous vision and intelligence to go along with ridiculous skill. There’s a very good reason he was taken 10th overall in last year’s draft. Needs to get stronger, but he gets better and better as the season goes on. Enjoy him in silver and black while you can. (A)


#71 Borna Rendulic  16GP  3g-6a-9pts

Big and skilled and could be hitting his stride. Struggled with some consistency and had some defensive issues at times. Still, he’s exciting to watch when he’s on and has really developed some chemistry with Colin Smith. (B-)


#24 Michael Schumacher  19GP  4g-0a-4pts

Another big body who isn’t afraid to make the big hits. Has developed a helpful little habit of scoring big goals in 3rd periods, which certainly doesn’t hurt. Not the best skater and it can hurt him at times defensively. (C+)


#37 Colin Smith  19GP  7g-9a-16pts

From game one to game 19, Smith has been the Rampage’s most consistent all-around player. Dangerous offensively and solid defensively and has really stepped up his game since Ben Street’s callup and subsequent injury. (A)


#10 Ben Street  6GP  3g-9a-12pts

Street’s opening three weeks in a Rampage uniform were historic. Two points per game, late game tying goals, and multiple OT winners. This all came with great defensive play as well. Now out until at least February and a huge loss. (A+)



#3 Chris Bigras  19GP  2g-7a-9pts

A mainstay on the Rampage blue line. Very good positional defenseman who will lay the body at times as well. Superb skater–probably best skating D-man in San Antonio since OEL. Good shot and decisive with the puck. Still makes young defenseman mistakes, but those will subside the more he plays. (A-)


#43 Mat Clark  18GP  0g-3a-3pts

Veteran presence on blue line and overall, pretty good in his own zone. Until he gets the puck. Struggles to move the puck to his forwards which leads to turnovers and extended unnecessary possession for opposing teams. (C+)


#4 Mason Geertsen  13GP  0g-2a-2pts

Young defensive defenseman who is having young defensive defenseman consistency issues. At times, he plays the best pure defensive game on the team. At others, he’s not good–which you’d expect from a 20 year old D-man. Possesses a BOMB of a shot, which I’d like to see him use more. (C)


#54 Hubert Labrie  11GP  0g-2a-2pts

When he’s filling his role as the 7th D, he’s more than servicable; he’s actually pretty good. When he’s playing forward or playing multiple games over Geertsen, I start taking issue. A fine player that brings some grit and underrated skating ability. (C+)


#26 Maxim Noreau  18GP  5g-11a-16pts

Without a doubt, the leader of the Rampage. Max has a calming presence on the back end and is a dangerous QB on the power play. Playing at nearly a point per game clip as a defenseman. Possesses a wicked shot that he can get off in the smallest of places. Great AHL player. (A)


#22 Zach Redmond  11GP  3g-4a-7pts

Very good puck mover and a quality offensive D-man in the AHL. Can be suspect defensively at times, but can make up for mistakes with his good skating ability. Very good through the neutral zone and at gaining the offensive zone with possession. Will be a huge addition IF he makes it back. (B)


#15 Duncan Siemens  19GP  1g-1a-2pts

Most consistent defensive player on the team. Night in and night out, Siemens can be counted on to play tough minutes and to play them effectively. Very physical and has a hell of a mean streak. Quick to stand up for teammates. (B+)


#6 Nikita Zadorov  10GP  4g-4a-8pts

The only thing keeping Zadorov in San Antonio is his youth. Has NHL size and skill and it’s evident after watching him for a short time. The youth is where he gets in trouble. Often tries to do too much instead of using his teammates. Prone to several bad turnovers a game. Once he settles down and plays within himself, he’ll be in the NHL full time…and he’ll be good. (B)



#30 Spencer Martin  2-1-1  2.76  0.921%

Stepped in when Pickard was called up and not only played well, he flat out stole a couple of games. Had a few rough outings before heading back to Ft. Wayne, but he’s exciting to watch and will be back and a major contributor possibly this year, definitely next. (B)


#31 Calvin Pickard  7-1-4  2.55  0.925%

The backbone of the team’s early season success. Calvin has needed to be superb almost every night and, with a few exceptions, has been. Very good fundamentally and just the right amount of aggressive playing the puck and with his stick. With a little help from the team in front of him, could have a monster season. (A-)


#35 Roman Will  1-1-1  4.31  0.868%

You hope for better numbers from your backup goalie. Will has played one terrible game, one below average game, and one pretty good game. May not see much game action until the rodeo road trip due to the schedule unless Pickard heads back to Colorado. (C-)



Dean Chynoweth  10-3-6

I’ve taken issue with some player usage (Maggio, Labrie), but overall I can’t complain a whole lot about the start of the season with this new affiliation. Dean isn’t afraid to tinker with the lineup when something isn’t working. I’d like to see the team cleanup their third period issues, and I suspect they will. (B)

One thought on “San Antonio Rampage 1st Quarter Report Card

  1. Sorry Siemens is injured….hope to see him soon. Noreau has been able to play well partly because of his pairing with Big D! He deserves his plus B!


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