Rampage Corsi Report: Disappointing Sunday

Saturday vs Bakersfield

01_23_16 Team game

1_23_16 player game

Mikko’s awesome.  Also OMG Borna-Belzile-Usurper line.  (The 2nd column is just player numbers which I forgot to hide.  I’ve since deleted the worksheet and cannot redo the screenshot).

Sunday vs Texas

01_24_16 Team game01_24_16 player game

Please Note that when Bordeleau took his penalty at the 11:29 mark of the 2nd period I went to the Spurs and Saddle club to watch the end of the Broncos vs Patriots game.  I do not regret this decision.  Corsi/shots are through that point only as I didn’t feel like doing it for the 3rd period.

Season Summary

1_25_16 Player Summary

Notice that the featured photo of the Usurper does not have a crown.  Another week like this and he will no longer be known as The Usurper.  I will also use MS Paint to put a very poorly drawn crown on him.

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