Rampage Corsi Report: Season Finale in Enemy Territory

Even though the Rampage lost, I had a fun time during my first trip to the Cedar Park Center.  Doogie had a poor first period and the Rampage fell behind 3-0, and it was all dark thoughts.  Houser was so poor in the 1st period that my friend and I were panicking every time the Stars attempted a shot. However, Doogie turned it around and was fantastic in the 2nd and 3rd, and the Rampage stormed back scoring 3 to tie it during the 2nd.  The 3rd had periods of sustained Rampage dominance, followed by some really quality Texas chances, including what might have been the save of the season as Houser went post to post and blockered away a one timer with about 20 seconds left.  Somehow that save didn’t make the AHL highlights, which is insane because it was the play of the game to me.  (Corsi was 28-19 Rampage during the 3rd).

During OT there was a shot by Texas’s Brendan Ranford that hit both posts and came out.  The referees reviewed it.  The CPC did something that I always beg the ATT Center to do, which is actually show replays of the play that is under review.  (Seriously, why don’t they?  How am I supposed to have my own opinion about the play without seeing it again?). During the review the arena showed a replay, and due to the screen’s quality it was very hard to see if it was in or not.  My friend said he thought it was.  I said “I think it hit the inside of the post, but  honestly truly can’t tell.” Every Stars fan believed it was.  When it came back as no goal, they unleashed the loudest “Ref You Suck” I’ve ever heard, which was pretty awesome.  The Stars ended up winning the game during the 3 on 3.

Two fun notes – I ended up on the Video Screen because they had contest right in front of me.  2nd – they gave out like 100 prizes for Fan Appreciation day.  They chose them by doing “Lucky Seat” and just choosing a random seat for each prize.  We started joking that it would be hilarious for one of us to win a Calder Cup Playoff pack since we wouldn’t use it.  However, something even funnier happened.  My friend won a team autographed Stars Calder Cup Championship DVD, which he ended up giving to a 5 year old.

Corsi and Shots Report below.  I’ll do a summary of March 17th through end of season today or tomorrow (Summaries take a little longer to do).  I’ll also do playoff previews.  I  copied every team’s statistics at the 56 game mark so that I would be able to look at their last 20.  I tweeted a few Rampage and OKC last 20 stats earlier (they look really good):

OKC: https://twitter.com/TopherMinasi/status/589834229871030273

Rampage: https://twitter.com/TopherMinasi/status/589834604405657602


04_18 Shots


Season Finale Corsi Report

If you saw my tweet yesterday, I said it was 69-57 Rampage, but I just quickly counted lines last night, not realizing that I had crossed off a Stars Corsi Event because I put it in the Corsi Against Column, when it was actually a Rampage Corsi For event.  So, 69-56 is the correct count.

Petro and Racine were really good together, as was the 42-9-24 line.  I would like to see Racine play in the playoffs, but I’m not sure who he would go in for, probably Parlett, but I’ll figure that out when I do Summary and WOWYs.

The Rampage were really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really unlucky to lose three in a row.  Thankfully it didn’t matter at all.  Stars were slightly better on Tuesday but got an insane bounce to win.  The Rampage were absolutely dominant on Friday, but there was a Finnish wall in the way.  The Rampage were slightly better last night but ended up losing in a 3 on 3.  I’m not really concerned, and (preview to the Playoff Preview) believe they shouldn’t struggle too much with OKC.


Featured photo by:  Darren Abate/San Antonio Rampage

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