Rampage Corsi Report: Down to 3rd Place

Earlier this week I had a twitter conversation with @mckinley06 who covers the Rampage as earl06 for Mile High Hockey about time on ice for the Rampage’s defensemen.  The AHL doesn’t release this information, so I’ve added a very rough estimate.  It is the % of Corsi a player was on the ice for times 60 minutes.  Since I only track 5 on 5, this estimate doesn’t include any special teams play.  Therefore, players like Bigras who play PP and PK will probably be slightly higher.  (Note that 8.2 is 8 minutes and 20% of a minute so 8 minutes and 12 seconds).

If you have any similar ideas for things I can add, let me know on twitter @topherminasi.

Charlotte Checkers 12/09 (Loss 3-2)

12_09 Charlotte Shot summary

12_09 Charlotte Corsi summary

Forward Lines





Defense Pairings




Getting dominated by the Charlotte Checkers is inexcusable.  This was a heartbreaking loss, but the Rampage were lucky to even be close after 2 periods.  They had only 5 even strength shots through the first 2 periods. The Bourke-Maggio-Cheek line was unbelievably awful.  I have no idea how you can have a 1For, 16 Against as a 4th line, with presumably easier match-ups.  My boy Michael Schumacher and his best pal Sam Henley were fantastic (again) in limited minutes.

Stockton Heat 12/10 (Loss 3-2)

12_10 Stockton Shot summary

12_10 Stockton Corsi summary

Forward Lines





Defense Pairings




Stockton leads the AHL in shots per game, so 42 shots isn’t shocking.  This game is the perfect example of the Rampage depth issues.  The top line did its job as it was ok possession wise and scored a Sports Center top 10 goal.  Schumacher did Schumacher things.  Everyone else was below 40%.  I’m not really sure how to fix that or if there is even a way to fix that.

Texas Stars 12/13 (Loss 3-2)

12_13 Texas Shot summary

12_13 Texas Corsi summary

Forward Lines





Defense Pairings




The Rampage were absolutely terrible through two periods, but were really good in the 3rd (even before the goal it was 9-3 in Corsi for the period).  New fan favorite Cody Corbett was fantastic on the PP with a Goal and an Assist, but he was awful at even strength.  That could be due to Nate’s “favorite”player anchoring him, or it could be a combination of both of them.  I’m not going to another Rampage game until 2016, so I won’t have an opinion for awhile.

I’m going to post the summary and WOWYs in the next few days when I get some time.

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