Rampage Corsi Report Summary

Good News! This is the last time I will be posting the summary report separately.  I was having Excel performance issues, so I redid all of it, and now I’ll be able to include the summary in every post.  I also added the Est TOI to the summary table.

The WOWYs will be posted every 5 home games (or if someone asks for them). Since this year’s team doesn’t shell, and there is a negligible difference between all Corsi and Corsi close, WOWYs are now based on all tracked Corsi events.

12_16 summary

Forward WOWYs

Look at all the Green for Schumacher.  Now look at all the red for Cheek.  This is why I’m on team Schumacher now.

12_16 foward wowy 112_16 foward wowy 2

Defense WOWY

Nate is totally right about Labrie – he makes every other defense man worse (except the one game with Corbett).  Zadorov-Noreau has been a frequent pairing lately, and they are up at 52.8%.  Zadorov-Bigras is a fiery 78.9% (15 For, 4 Against). Perhaps Zadorov’s inconsistency is based on who he is paired with?

12_16 Defense WOWY



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