Rampage Corsi Report: The Streak is Over!

Tuesday vs San Diego

01_19_16 Team game

01_19_16 player game

They played arguably their best game of the season on Tuesday, but with all the injuries they didn’t have any finishers and Tokarski played out of his mind.  I left Tuesday thinking they were owed goals…

Friday vs Bakersfield

1_22_team game

1_22_16 player game

And they got all the goals they were owed and more last night.  I finally got my Schumacher-Hishon-Mikko line.  The team immediately scores 6 goals.  Coincidence? (Probably).  That line was still pretty awesome, even without poor Joey Hishon who just can’t stay healthy.  I’m pretty amazed the est TOI was as balanced as it was, because it seemed during the game that Smith was out there every other shift after Hishon left.


01_22_16 player summary

Despite being over 70% in both games, we officially have a challenger to the throne of Schumacher.  He shall, to me at least, forever be known in the great Game of Thrones tradition as the Usurper Garrett Thompson.

(Higgs played one game and got released from his PTO, so he doesn’t count as an official challenger.)

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