Rampage Corsi Report: 04/10 Wild

I took a bit of a break from tracking games until this Saturday.  There is an issue with my summary workbook which I’ll fix this week  so that I can do a season ending summary next week.  Therefore, there is only information for the Saturday game below.

04_10_2016 shot summary

04_10_2016 game summary

As you can see from the summary this was about as even as a game could possibly be.  For the forwards, the Everberg-Street-Petryk line was excellent, as was the Mikko-Rendulic pairing.  On the flip side, the 4th line of Bourke-Belzile-Maggio was really awful.

As for the defense, Geertsen once again had excellent possession numbers.  The coaching staff really gave Boikov a trial by fire as he and Guenin led in estimated ice time by a significant margin.  I’m going to have to pay closer attention next game to see if that is accurate or if they are just a very high event pairing.

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