Dean Chynoweth Relieved of Coaching Duties


The Colorado Avalanche have relieved Dean Chynoweth of his coaching duties with the Rampage.

Chynoweth, coming off his worst season as a professional coach was 135-128-41 in four seasons with the Avalanche’s AHL affiliates in Lake Erie and Colorado. None of his team’s were able to make the postseason under his guidance.



While this was probably due and coming regardless, I can’t help but think that Dean is the scapegoat for a questionable management plan in Colorado/San Antonio. With three players (Noreau, Everberg, and Rendulic) all levying some parting shots on the way out, this was bound to happen.

In my opinion, Dean is a hell of a strategist and system’s coach, but probably lacks on the development side, which is pretty important when coaching a developmental team. Then again, I’m not plugged in to the organization enough to know whether his juggling of lineups and sitting of youngsters for horrid AHL vets was a personal preference or an organizational edict.

The complete lack of quality depth and injuries certainly didn’t help either. Nor did the alleged issues in the locker room with players disliking each other and veteran leaders refusing to lead.

Regardless, it’s done. And this summer is setting up to be the most interesting and dynamic summer in Rampage history. Buckle up, it’s about to get silly.

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