Rampage Corsi Report: 12/17/2016 Two vs Tucson

12/16 Tucson 

2016 12 16 Shots Summ.PNG2016_12_16_player-summary

They really were very lucky to get a point on Friday.

12/17 Tucson (Tracked by Nate!!!)


Thanks a lot to Nate for tracking this game.  Naturally I miss the game that they dominate – I’m clearly a curse.

Season Summary


Now that the team is healthy I expect the 47.6 CorsiFor% to start rising.




Separating out save percentage by situation makes Jeremy Smith look a lot better.  Smith has been just as good as Spencer Martin at 5 on 5(and better on the Penalty Kill.  His save percentage is getting crushed by shorties and allowing 1 goal on two 4 on 4 shots.  That is encouraging as it means we are getting the Jeremy Smith we expected – his numbers just look bad because he’s been screwed by the Power Play giving up breakaways.

@CreaseGiants Goalie Stats




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