RWtH Podcast: Season Finale and Awards


The 2018-19 season wrapped up three weeks ago with another Rampage squad failing to make the playoffs. That doesn’t mean our work at RWtH is done, however. We needed to hand out some hardware for the season and talk about what went wrong.

In our season episode of the Running With the Herd Podcast, JP, Topher, and Nate sit down to discuss the final weeks of the season, hand out the prestigious “Herdies” awards, and talk about a couple of things we did like about this otherwise forgettable season.

The crew is going to join the team on the beaches and golf courses for a couple of months, but we will be back in mid-July for our “Mid-Summer Spectacle” episode to break down the draft, free agency, and any other important nuggets.

Until then, keep your eyes peeled right here at for the annual offseason player tracker and any other worthwhile breaking news.

Happy Summering everyone!

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