Rampage Corsi Report(s): 12/29 vs Texas and two bonuses

12/29 Stars

2017_12_29 shots

2017_12_29 Players

The Ranford-Toninato-Musil line was a disaster (except OT winner of course).  Otherwise, the Rampage were pretty good.  The numbers look worse than they really are because Texas had at least 5 different 3rd period dump-ins that went on net, resulting in non-dangerous, non-possession plays counting as shots.

Season Totals

2017_12_30 Shots season

2017_12_30 Forward Season

2017_12_30 Defense Season

Goalie Stats (Based on Home Games I’ve been to only)

Between travelling and other engagements, I’ve only been able to attend 5 Rampage home games.  They are 5-0-0 and that is entirely because of their goalies. Husso and Martin have combined to allow 5 goals with a .963 save percentage in those 5 games.

2017_12_30 Goalies

12/09 Bakersfield

This was probably the best game I’ve ever seen the Rampage play.

2017_12_09 Shots

2017_12_09 Players

10/27 San Jose

2017_10_27 Shots

2017_10_27 Players

Note: I stopped tracking face-offs because they don’t have a big effect on overall Corsi numbers and take a long time to do.  It’s fun to look at deployment, but I feel like it isn’t worth all the time it takes me to do.

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