2019-20 Rampage Schedule Released

AHL Texas Stars vs San Antonio Rampage

Darren Abate/AHL

The schedule for the 2019-20 AHL season was released this afternoon meaning it’s time to take a deep dive into all the ins and outs and overreact to, well, pretty much everything. There are some interesting tidbits on the Rampage schedule (Link).

First and foremost, the Rampage will not play any AHL teams based in California. This should help alleviate some travel issues from the past few seasons.

Secondly, NEW TEAMS! Granted, it’s only two, but this season sees the return of two teams we haven’t seen in quite some time. The Toronto Marlies will visit San Antonio for the first time since they left the Western Conference back in 2015. Additionally, the Rampage will face off against the Wilkes-Barre Penguins for the first time since 2009. Patrick Williams hinted at more inter-conference play for teams in the Central. Color this fan shocked that San Antonio is on that list.

Breaking It Down

The Rampage will face off against every divisional foe eight times (four at home and four on the road) with the exception of Texas, whom they will play 12 times (six and six). Along with the previously mentioned Pens and Marlies, the team will also face the Tucson Roadrunners and Colorado Eagles four times each, rounding out the 76 game schedule.

The season begins October 4th, at home, against Manitoba and wraps up on April 11th against the Stars, also at home. In between the schedule breaks down as follows:

By Month

October – 4 home/5 away
November – 8 home/5 away
December – 5 home/7 away
January – 9 home/ 2 away
February – 1 home/ 10 away (Rodeo Road Trip month)
March – 7 home/ 7 away
April – 4 home/2 away

Home Games by Day

Friday – 11
Saturday – 8
Sunday – 9
Weeknights – 10

Longest Homestand – 8 games from Jan 3 – Jan 21
Longest Road Trip – 10 games from Feb 5 – Feb 26 (Rodeo Trip)
Mid-Week Day Games – 4(!) Two at home in a 3 week period (Nov 12 and Dec 4) and two on the road in Chicago on Dec 17th and in Milwaukee on Mar 11th.

The Rampage have a single “3 in 3” this season, while on their Rodeo Trip starting on Feb 21st with a game in Rockford, followed by a pair of games at Grand Rapids the following two days.

The Rodeo Trip ended up being as favorable as a ten game road trip can be. First, they play every game in either the central (8) or eastern time zone (2) and, secondly, they will get to come home for a solid week right in the middle of the trip. After playing in Des Moines on Tuesday Feb 11th, the Rampage play a two game set in Cedar Park that weekend, and won’t have to leave Texas again until they play in Rockford on Feb 21st.

The 2020 season will wrap up, as has become tradition, with a home and home with the rival Stars on the final weekend. This past season saw the Rampage spoil the Stars playoff hopes in the final week. Hopefully, there won’t be a need for revenge as the Rampage will be safely in the playoffs. Hey…we can dream, right?

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