Rampage Corsi Report: School Day and First Summary

(If you want to see today’s game it is all the way at the bottom.  Also you can click pictures to enlarge them)


Players Summary

I guess I will have to refocus most of my Cheek love on Schumacher.  Another very impressive showing is Smith, especially with his borderline impossible 38.2% OZ start percentage.


In my primer last year I explained how to read the WOWYs.  For convenience here is a screencap.


WOWY description

Meurs only played in one game (and the Rampage won the Corsi battle in that game) which is why everything is green for him.  Schumacher-Henley have been linemates recently and they are at 57.1%.  Please never break them up.  Bourke was with them for awhile and was over 55% with both.  Presumably, Bourke has been moved off that line in order to try to get others going (he was with Hishon and Bordeleau this morning).

Forward WOWYs 1

Among the current defense pairs, only Siemens-Noreau is above 50%.  I put Labrie with the defensemen, but he has played a decent amount of forward, so a decent amount of his results will be him as a Forward and a defenseman playing defense, which isn’t how I intended it.  For example, Labrie is playing Left Wing, Siemens-Noreau are playing defense.  This would end up being counted as one event Labrie-Siemens on defense and one with Labrie-Noreau.

Defense WOWYs1

11/17 vs Texas

11_17 shots summary

Corsi Summary 1117

This was easily the best game I’ve seen them play this year.  They were completely dominant until they had a 4-0 lead.  Corsi was 25-15 at that point, after which they sat back.  Also, Texas kept throwing everything on net and the Rampage blocked most of the shot attempts from that point forward.











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