Rampage Corsi Report: 3 Awful Games

Season Summary

01_31 season shots summary

After these three games the Rampage are officially in the “Very Bad Team” category as they are under 46% Corsi for the games I’ve been to.  While they have a better season long est Corsi  Close of 48.8%, that isn’t a good number either.  This team is definitely trending down very quickly.

01_31 season forwards

01_31 season defenders


2018_01_31 goalies

The goalies have both been truly excellent when I’ve been tracking them.

01/19 Tucson (2-1 OTL)

2018_01_19 Shots

2018_01_19 Players

01/20 Tucson (2-1 OTL)

2018_01_20 shots

2018_01_20 Players

01/22 San Jose (5-1 Loss)

These are the stats for the 1st two periods.

2018_01_22 shots

01_22 players

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