Rampage Corsi Report: Friday vs Milwaukee

01_15_16 shots Summary

01_15_16 Game Corsi

I was not able to attend the Saturday game, so no Corsi for Saturday’s disaster of biblical proportions (Cats and dogs living together! MASS HYSTERIA!).

Friday was also a disaster, but also had some unique things.  The Rampage was were dominated possession-wise with Milwaukee having over 60% of the 5 on 5 shot attempts.  However, due to inaccuracy by Milwaukee and quality shot blocking by the Rampage, 5 on 5 shots were even  at 16.  However, Milwaukee’s possession dominance led to 8 power plays.  The Rampage penalty killers were pretty damn awful as Milwaukee had 18 PP shots, which is the most for any team in any game I’ve tracked.  Poor Roman Will played his heart out stopping 17 of those.  Roman Will deserved better.

Season Summary

01_15_16 Summary

The #LabrieEffect cost Mason the Son of Geert 2.9% on his Corsi for the year (it was 44.8% before this game), which is pretty amazing.


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